“NOW” are facts unjudged
and to be seen by History
“THEN” are facts as seen 
and judged by History

Ads in the New York Times

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1993 -The US Has No Plans to Save the Muslims in Bosnia

1994 -"Ethnic Cleansing" President Clinton: "They're Going to Have to Make Up Their Own Minds to Quite Killing Each Other."

1994 - Who Will Stand Up for the Victims of Genocide?

Ads in The New Republic

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1994 - The Lessons of History

1999 - President Clinton States We Will Come to the Aid of Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo After We Win the Air War

2000 - What is Different about Rwanda?

2007 - Where Will the Suicide Bombers Go?

2007 - What Must We Do to Win in Iraq? Are You Qualified to Lead if You Will Not Ask This Question?

Ads from 2012

A new series of ads pertinent to the 2012 Election (all files PDF):

1. What Does President Obama Believe about “Race” in America?

2. Would Anyone Say Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.  Agreed with Margaret Sanger and  Planned Parenthood on Abortion and Infanticide?

3. Obamaesque Courage

4. Can the U. S. Govt. Kill its Citizens on U.S. Soil Without Due Process?

5. Obamaesque “Courage” and “Leadership”

6. “Racism” Was Created Because of Economics Not Racial Inferiority.

7. Can One Have “Equality” Without “Dignity”?

8. Religion of the First African Slaves

Shining City Upon a Hill” “Do It as Americans” paper lists some of the achievements of Americans of African Descent as co-founders of America. (110 page PDF)

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Then and Now: 2012 #4

Can the U. S. Govt. Kill its Citizens on U.S. Soil Without Due Process?

1/5/1965 FBI Director Hoover considered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a threat to   our National Security.  The Due Process provisions of the Constitution protected   Dr. King from being killed so the FBI tried to force him to commit suicide. 

9/30/2011   Al-Awlaki, an Amer. Citizen, was killed by a Drone in Yemen; Pres. Obama had issued a death warrant 19 months earlier.

3/5/2012   Atty. Gen. Holder’s speech on the authority of Pres. Obama to order the death of an Amer. Citizen without Due Process.   Professor Turley of G.W. Univ. stated in response:

 In his speech, Holder was clear… senior admin. officials have previously suggested that the Pres. may kill an Amer. anywhere and anytime, including within the U. S.   Holder’s speech does not materially limit that claimed authority, but stressed that ‘our legal authority is not limited to the battlefields in Afghanistan.’  He might as well have stopped at ‘limit’ because the admin. has refused to accept any practical limitations on this claimed inherent power.”

Does Pres. Obama claim he has a right to kill Citizens in this Country?

March 8, 2012.  F.B.I. Director Mueller, at a Congressional Hearing, was asked the above question.  He stated “I’m going to defer that to others in the Dept. of Justice.”  

 A Dept. of Justice memo justifying the killing of Amer. Citizens without any Due Process will not be released by President Obama.  Do we have the right to know under what circumstances  President Obama says he can kill us? 

 1965 the most famous and important American of African Descent, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not killed by our government because of the right to Due Process held by all America Citizens.

In 2012 the most powerful American of African Descent, Pres. Obama, claims he alone has the authority to have American Citizens killed even on U.S. soil, without any Due Process. 

What Would Dr. King Say?

Download this ad as a pdf: Can the U. S. Govt. Kill its Citizens on U.S. Soil Without Due Process?

These concepts are developed more fully in the Do It as Americans paper,
Do It As Americans” (110 page PDF).