“NOW” are facts unjudged
and to be seen by History
“THEN” are facts as seen 
and judged by History

Ads in the New York Times

(all PDF)

1993 -The US Has No Plans to Save the Muslims in Bosnia

1994 -"Ethnic Cleansing" President Clinton: "They're Going to Have to Make Up Their Own Minds to Quit Killing Each Other."

1994 - Who Will Stand Up for the Victims of Genocide?

Ads in The New Republic

(all PDF)

1994 - The Lessons of History

1999 - President Clinton States We Will Come to the Aid of Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo After We Win the Air War

2000 - What is Different about Rwanda?

2007 - Where Will the Suicide Bombers Go?

2007 - What Must We Do to Win in Iraq? Are You Qualified to Lead if You Will Not Ask This Question?

Ads from 2012

A new series of ads pertinent to the 2012 Election and after (all files PDF):

1. What Does President Obama Believe about “Race” in America?

2. Would Anyone Say Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.  Agreed with Margaret Sanger and  Planned Parenthood on Abortion and Infanticide?

3. Obamaesque Courage

4. Can the U. S. Govt. Kill its Citizens on U.S. Soil Without Due Process?

5. Obamaesque “Courage” and “Leadership”

6. “Racism” Was Created Because of Economics Not Racial Inferiority.

7. Can One Have “Equality” Without “Dignity”?

8. Religion of the First African Slaves

Shining City Upon a Hill” “Do It as Americans” book lists some of the achievements of Americans of African Descent as co-founders of America. (110 page PDF)

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Then & Now political advertisements have been published from 1993 to 2012.  The ads call for action based on history.  They have primarily been published in The New York Times and The New Republic.

2012 Election and After

Who Will Rescue America From The Growing Racial And Economic Conflicts? History tells us in 1898 Col. Roosevelt and the Rough Riders had charged into a trap on San Juan Hill and desperately needed to be Rescued. They were saved by the 9th and 10th Cavalry and the 24th Infantry Regiments.

A poem (13 stanzas) in tribute to their action was written by George E. Powell.

7). “Charge!” “Charge!” The bugle peals again;
“Tis life or death for Roosevelt’s men!—
Mausers make reply!...
The taunt still fresh prouder race,…
To succor or to die!...
11).     …A dream of freedom still!
A groundless creed was swept away,
With brand of “coward”—a time—worn say—
And he blazed the path a better way
Up the side of San Juan Hill!
For black or white, on the scroll of fame,
The blood of the hero dyes the same;
And ever, ever will!

The 9th and 10th Cavalry and 24th and 25th Infantry were famous all Black Fighting Regiments. They were initially formed in 1866 in New Orleans.  None but the Largest and Blackest were accepted (2,266 Ex-Slaves were accepted).  They were stationed and they fought in the West until the Spanish-American War.

Today this Country is swiftly moving toward Racial and Class Conflicts. Many people are in the dark as to the effect the 2012 Election will have on these Conflicts. The light needs to be turned on for all the people to see what President Barack H. Obama and the liberal left are doing. 

It is suggested that the appropriate people to turn the light on and again Rescue their Country are The Americans of African Descent”.

These concepts are developed more fully in the book “Do It As Americans
“Do It as Americans” (110 page PDF).